How to Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2022 Live Stream in India

How Do Watch Cricket Live In India And Sub-Continent

How to Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2022 Live Stream in India

How to Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2022 Live in Asia


The nation of Cricket these days for sure is India, residents of the country are above 1.339 billion and almost every family has a Cricket fan in it. India is the hub of cricket these days having many International and domestic leagues playing in it. They hosted 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 and will host the 2023 Cricket World Cup. The crowd is passionate for the cricket and every match is houseful in India. They are mad about Cricket and watch it like Western people watch Football.

To watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2022 Live in India

India is the hub of cricket and everyone wants to watch their team playing in the World Cup 2022. The Indian Cricket fans watch it through different mediums, as the population is in numbers so the ways are also in numbers. The official broadcaster of ICC Cricket World Cup worldwide and in India is Star Sports.

Following official channels will show TV Broadcast live in India (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and Bangladesh)

Star Sports 1,                       

Star Sports HD1,

Star Sports 2,

Star Sports HD2,

Star Sports 3,

Star Sports HD3 and


These channels will cover the remaining sub-continent regions (except Pakistan)

Sri Lanka,



Bhutan and


But this service is limited to your home as it is only for TV. If you want to watch live match anywhere in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan then live streaming website is the best solution. You will have different options for the live streaming site on the Internet but it's hard to find suitable and easy service. We are here to solve your problem.

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